Over COVID? Tough Luck! You Need To Take Notice

We’re currently learning complacency is the best friend of COVID-19. As a community, we can’t afford to drop our guard for a moment – and that includes in the workplace. COVID infections that occur at work are the responsibility of the business owner, directors, managers and supervisors. They all share a Duty of Care to … Read more

A Safe Workplace Is A Clean Workplace

COVID-19 has made us all very aware of how germs and infections are spread. We are now washing our hands more often and more thoroughly. We’re also more conscious of coughing and sneezing into our elbow or tissue. However, in the workplace, we also need to be more acutely aware of the hazards lurking in … Read more

Managing The Risk Of COVID-19 At Your Workplace And Other Tricky Issues

Have you noticed there’s been a shift in expectations? After the initial shock of lockdowns, there’s now an impatience to get back to more normal times. As you manage your people, there will be a few areas of angst you should plan for. They are: Containing the impact of a COVID-19 infection at your workplace … Read more

Managing Staff Post COVID-19 Lockdown – What You Need To Consider

The Safe Workplace Principles simply state, “The COVID-19 pandemic requires a uniquely focused approach to work health and safety (WHS) as it applies to businesses, workers and others in the workplace.” It goes on to say, “To keep our workplaces healthy and safe, businesses must, in consultation with workers, and their representatives, assess the way … Read more

What Are Your Staffing Options As COVID-19 Starts To Bite?

We’re in challenging times but owning a business and employing staff has now become far more complex. Not only do you need to make important business decisions, but you are also required to meet your employment obligations. So in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, what do you need to know? Here are 5 staffing … Read more

Tough Times Require Innovative Job Searches – Learn How

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with employment opportunities for many people. But there are some industries that are booming. So, even if you don’t have experience in a particular field (or industry), it’s possible to find new employment opportunities if you know-how.  The key is to highlight your work experience and transferrable skills. Here are 7 … Read more

Look Out! Wage Theft And Underpayments On Fair Work Ombudsman’s Agenda

Modern Awards have always allowed some flexibility when it comes to paying staff. Typically, that would mean paying staff above their Award to cover penalties and allowances. But with the continuing, high-profile wage theft cases hitting the news, the Fair Work Ombudsman is taking a very protective view of workers’ entitlements. Now, and we mean … Read more

Online Work Complaints… Are You Protected?

Mobile technology and work portability have led to Australians working longer hours than their OECD counterparts. A consequence of this ‘constantly on’ environment, is a blurring of lines in terms of what’s an acceptable online commentary about work issues. Around 11% of Australian employees have posted critical comments about their workplace or colleagues. Perhaps surprisingly, … Read more

5 Tips To Conquer Video Interviews

While a video interview may feel more relaxed than a face-to-face interview, don’t be fooled! The same rules apply plus a few more. Here are our 5 tips to help you win your ideal job. 1 – Don’t Be Late It’s important to “arrive” at least a few minutes early at every job interview. At … Read more