What Do You Do When Employees Fail To Return From Holidays?

How diligent are you at keeping employee records – in particular next-of-kin or emergency details and leave dates? As Australia comes to the end of its peak holiday season, some businesses are finding an employee or two have failed to return to work when expected. Now they are finding themselves in a very tricky situation. … Read more

Not So Jolly Kris Kringle Hangovers

For many workplaces, the office Kris Kringle is a tradition. But over the years, we’ve all become more aware of its darker side. There’s the gift that everyone thinks is hilarious – except the recipient. Or the obligatory kiss or cuddle with Santa. These things can linger long after the event and develop a life … Read more

Let’s “Idiot-Proof” The World, One Christmas Party At A Time!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “idiot-proof” the world?  When it comes to workplace Christmas parties, it can be surprising what your normally sensible, mature and reliable staff get up to. That’s why it’s important to set parameters around what’s acceptable before the event and then diligently monitor what’s happening at the event. The … Read more

“OMG! Things Are Crazy At The Moment” – Is This A Symptom Of Christmas Burnout?

In the lead-up to Christmas, things just seem to get busier and crazier. There’s often a significant increase at work as everyone rushes to achieve their Christmas deadlines. Then there’s the kids’ concerts and school events, shopping for gifts and planning your holiday get-away. Let’s not forget the pre-Christmas catch-ups with friends, the end-of-year work … Read more

Mindfulness: An Introduction

Once upon a time, it was possible to sit quietly and do nothing. It might only be for a moment but it happened on a semi-regular basis while we were waiting for things like public transport, medical appointments, our turn in the bank queue and other, pre-smartphone activities. It might sound quaint and very old-fashioned … Read more

Do You Chase Work-Life Balance Or Work-Life Boundaries?

While it’s an admirable goal, chasing work-life balance can often result in heightened feelings of inadequacy or pressure because it’s so elusive. If that’s the case, how do we feel good about the way we distribute our time? Research published by Organisational Dynamics Journal suggests we set work-life boundaries instead of striving for work-life balance. … Read more

Managing Mental Health Conditions At Work

Whether it’s a physical or a mental health problem, sufferers will experience good days and bad days. As an employer, you like to see your staff happy and productive. But when that’s a bit of a struggle, there are simple ways you can support your staff. Here are 3 suggestions. Recognise Everyone Works Differently Some … Read more

The Last Word On Workplace Bullying

Like many victims of abuse, your staff will probably be reluctant to report any episodes of bullying behaviour. One of their biggest concerns will be that they won’t be believed or their career prospects will be damaged if they report a workplace bully.  This situation is made worse in smaller organisations where there are very … Read more

Are You Guilty Of Making An Ill-Informed Diagnosis?

One of the unfortunate consequences of becoming more aware of mental health issues is our willingness to label people inappropriately. For example: – The person who is careful about their work and likes to check it thoroughly is labelled Compulsive – The person who quickly tires of an in-depth discussion are branded ADHD – The … Read more

Tips And Tactics To Handle Workplace Bullying

Bullying behaviour can be directed at a single person within an organisation or a number of workers at the same time. It generates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation which will lead to lost productivity, reduced self-confidence and health issues for the victim/s of the bullying. As a business owner or manager, it’s important you … Read more