Outplacement Services

Outplacement is the efforts made by a downsizing business or company to help former employees transition to new jobs and help them to re-enter the job market.

Massive organisational restructures are now standard in the business world creating a need for outplacement services to support those affected by change.

We can provide support for leaving employees and reassurance for the staff that have been retained that they would also be looked after in similar circumstances.
Outplacement is rapidly growing as a component of a severance agreement.

When a business makes staff reductions there is often stress and other difficulties for those employees who are retained. The morale of the business can rapidly decline resulting in lower productivity and higher staff turnover. We can provide practical advice and psychological support for former employees.

End2end Business Solutions can help with career guidance and evaluation, resume and CV writing, interview preparation, networking skills and job searching.

We can help staff that have been made redundant by utilising counselling and support as well as career profiling and psychometric testing to find a new job that is well suited to their personalities.

We can discuss future career paths and prospects and offer ongoing job search assistance and support.