Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is the process of measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. It is used by employers to assess employment suitability. The aim of psychometric testing is to get an accurate idea of an applicant’s abilities and personality.

Employers can use Psychometric tests on applicants during the selection process to work out the suitability of potential employees. These tests are believed to be more objective and offer greater reliability and validity than interviews. Psychometric tests are standardised which means that all applicants are assessed the same way and are scored according to the same criteria, no matter where or when the test is completed. Employers use a range of psychometric tests to assess personality, behavioural style, ability or aptitude.

Psychometric tests concentrate on certain aspects of applicant’s knowledge, including numerical, verbal, personality and stamina.

Ability or aptitude tests measure your potential to do certain tasks. They test your natural ability or aptitude rather than knowledge or experience.

Personality psychometric tests measure an individual’s behavioural tendencies within a work environment.

Using psychometric tests can help you assess an individual’s personality, aptitude, motivation and values, and can help you pick an applicant who is cohesive with both the role and the work dynamic of your business.

Psychometric testing can help you define potential risk within your selection and recruitment process and establish candidates that will be a good fit as well as help reduce employee turnover by identifying applicants when recruiting new staff that will be the most competent person for the job.