HR Procedures

Service Offerings

End2end is pleased to announce the following new service offerings:

HR Services Pack

The HR Services pack consists of:

  • Advertising checklist
  • Recruitment checklist
  • Interview questions
  • Reference checking form
  • Orientation checklist
  • Job description format
  • Compliant offer letters and contractor agreements
  • Employee handbook
  • Performance management form
  • Redundancy checklist
  • Exiting of employee checklist

The pack provides a business with all the documents and procedures needed to comply with government legislation on employee issues and minimise risks.

HR Advisory Service for SME’s

The Advisory Package addresses topics including:

  • Disciplinary action for employees
  • Termination of temporary and permanent contracts
  • Remuneration issues
  • Investigations
  • Hiring recommendations
  • Understanding a complex employment regulation
  • Policy interpretation
  • General employee relations issues

Also included in the package are 5 hours a month of remote support, via phone, email or video conference. Additional support and advice can also be provided at an additional charge, as required. This provides your business with the benefit of access to a Senior HR Specialist who can help resolve employee issues and questions in a cost effective and timely manner.

Temporary Employees Payroll

We are now able to offer to payroll temporary and casual employees for your business, in addition to providing temporary staff.

Online Health and Safety Inductions

Be Compliant with Health and Safety Laws. The online information package covers all areas of health and safety induction for industry through:

  • Branded and customised questionnaires with mini assessments to ensure the training is delivering results
  • Service remote sites and multiple divisions from a central location
  • Provide access to as few or as many managers as you like
  • Collect and store inductee details
  • Receive reports on course and question effectiveness
  • Pre‐qualify contractors into your HSE system
  • 1800 number for support