Our Process

End2end Business Solutions delivers outsourced HR services to businesses though effective processes and tools such as our People Management Process Audit.

If our first engagement with a client was due to an emergency, or SOS, situation or to get them out of a tricky situation, we would solve the urgent issue firstly and then, once the emergency is over, we would sit down with the business to conduct a thorough audit of the current people management processes.

Our People Management Process Audit Tool is a combination of interviewing the key stakeholders, reviewing any documentation and identifying risks to the business from people management.

End2end then works up a report and strategy for addressing the issues to ensure that the business doesn’t continually to fall into the same situation with employees as when End2end Business Solutions receives the SOS.

Following an Audit such as this, End2end works up a report and strategy for addressing any issues to ensure that the business is able to avoid any future SOS situations due to a similar situation.

End2end Business Solutions will identify and report gaps and customise our services to ensure your business is delivered the most effective tools and strategies to address potential employee issues before they give rise to emergencies to create a positive environment for the business and it’s employees.People are a businesses greatest asset and End2end Business Solutions works with you to achieve the outcomes you desire.