Redundancy Support

Redundancies can be caused by many different circumstances: falling profits, lack of trade or orders, increased competition, advances in technology, changes in legislation, even poor management.

In today’s economic climate, restructuring of businesses is very common if they are to survive. Redundancy is a side effect of this and can be a difficult time for both the employees and the employer.

At End2end Business Solutions we aim to make this transition easier in a range of different ways including:

  • Support in finding another job
  • Guidance, advice and information
  • Skills identification
  • Resume and cover letter preparation as well as interview techniques

Redundancy is more than figuring out payout entitlements and planning your next move once you’ve lost your job. There can also be a huge psychological impact. We can help you to stay positive and plan a bright future for yourself.

Losing your job can be particularly difficult when your company makes selective redundancies. This can lead to loss of self-esteem and self-doubt.

It is important at this time to not take it too personally. Just because you were made redundant doesn’t mean you were not good at your job.

While redundancy is usually unwelcome, many people use it as an opportunity to make the move to a new career. This can involve a period of re-training. It is possible that you can emerge from your redundancy experience with the chance of an exciting future.