Peter Tanswell

Having had a break for a couple of years after selling my accountancy practice, I decided it was time to re-enter the work force, but this time I wanted to be an employee rather than the employer.

The old adage came into play ‘its never to late to learn’. I thought human resource coaches were for school leavers and others getting there CV’s in order, but I quickly found that Annette Dixons’ ‘End 2 End Business Solutions’ was exactly who and what I needed.

Although I had kept up-to-date in my expertise, I hadn’t kept up with the current trends in applying for a job. All of a sudden I was the new guy on the block.

After meeting Annette she slowly helped me redefine my many skills that I had accumulated over the years of owning my own business. I think Annette also helped me regain my confidence that had slipped because I had been out of the working arena and now I wanted to try something new.

Annette kept the sessions personal and relaxed. I still had to do the work she didn’t serve up the answers on the paper.

I’m back in the work force and I know the old skills that I posses were polished and put into order with the help of Annette’s business.