“OMG! Things Are Crazy At The Moment” – Is This A Symptom Of Christmas Burnout?

In the lead-up to Christmas, things just seem to get busier and crazier. There’s often a significant increase at work as everyone rushes to achieve their Christmas deadlines. Then there’s the kids’ concerts and school events, shopping for gifts and planning your holiday get-away. Let’s not forget the pre-Christmas catch-ups with friends, the end-of-year work functions and all the food shopping and prep time.

No wonder we all get a bit tired and overwhelmed. But it can become more serious than this.

Burnout is a real condition. It’s caused by continuous exposure to high levels of stress. It can happen at any time and to anyone. However, an American study conducted last year found 35% of respondents said they feel incredibly burnt-out in the lead up to Christmas.

There’s no reason to doubt it would be any different here as we all try to balance the demands of work, being there for our families and all the pre-Christmas madness.

What Are The Signs Of Burnout?

Recognising the signs of burnout in ourselves or others is a critically important step to prevent its occurrence and manage stress levels. Here are 5 signs to watch out for:

  1. Feelings of physical or emotional exhaustion
  2. Withdrawal from social activities and interactions with others because it just seems too hard
  3. Irritability and quick to anger
  4. Dreaming of escaping everyone and everything
  5. Frequently getting sick and/or experiencing insomnia – even though you feel exhausted

How Can You Combat Or Manage Burnout?

The problem with burnout is, you already feel you have too much to do. So including things to help you will appear as if you are adding more things to a never-ending “To Do” list. But just remember, if you don’t do something about your burnout now, it will only get worse. 

If you think a member of staff is suffering from burnout, reach out to them and provide some practical help.

There are 3 things that can help you combat and manage burnout and you’ve heard them all before:

  • Do some gentle exercise. Even taking a short walk at lunchtime while you eat a sandwich will help. If you ask a work colleague to join you, you will be multi-tasking by adding social interactions to your day.
  • Eat nourishing food and watch your alcohol intake. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Eat breakfast – a tub of yoghurt is quick and easy in the mornings

Try making a few salads at a time so you have a great snack or lunch ready to grab as you leave for work

Prepare slightly larger dinners so you have left-overs to heat in the work microwave

Ask a friend or family member to help you by providing a meal or two each week. 

To reduce your alcohol intake, try using a smaller glass and resist the temptation to refill it.

  • Prioritise rest and relaxation – they aren’t an indulgence. They’re a necessity! While it may be tempting to stay up late to get things done at home, you’ll do everything faster if you are well-rested. Just 20-30 minutes doing something that calms and relaxes you will have an impact on your stress levels.

Managing Burnout At Work

The last thing any business needs is a key staff member (that includes the business owner) burning out and becoming unable to work. For management teams, burnout can come from the pressure of managing staff. Let End2End help you with that.

If you’re concerned a staff member is at risk of burnout but don’t know how to approach it, the End2End team can help you with that as well.

Think of us as your outsourced HR department – here to provide help and guidance with any of your people management dilemmas. It all starts with a chat. So call us now on 02 8977 4002.