How to build resilience to help you and your team get through COVID’s challenges

As the impacts of COVID continue, the fatigue and despondency among staff, managers and business owners is palpable – especially during a prolonged lockdown. As a positive, research is showing that workers with a high degree of resilience are less susceptible to psychological distress. Even better, resilience can be learned.

So take a deep breath, then read on to learn how you can develop greater resilience by changing your mindset. (Please feel free to share this blog with your team, friends and family as it may help them as well.)

6 Mindset changes to help you build your resilience

1. Approach problems. Don’t avoid them!

It begins with accepting that everyone faces challenges in their lives and rather than being a threat, or the universe trying to undermine your success, they are a learning opportunity. It’s about embracing the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone so you can learn new skills and experience new life lessons. All with the confidence you will be a better person on the other side.

2. Believe in your own power to overcome adversity

Studies show that believing you have the power to withstand events outside of your control can actually give you the ability to cope with adversity. Having power includes:

  • Believing you are in control of your responses to whatever fate throws your way
  • Being optimistic
  • Thinking of yourself as a strong person

3. Tenaciously pursuing your sense of purpose

Having a sense of purpose for your business and life is important – especially when things are tough. So what motivates you? Whether it relates to your business or personal aspirations, purpose provides a driving force and fuels the tenacity to keep going.

Once you have your purpose, surround yourself with equally motivated people who are also following their own purpose. Then, you can encourage each other and share your struggles. These relationships don’t need to suffer because of a lockdown. You just need to be creative in how you preserve them.

As a business owner or manager, sharing your business purpose and the benefits you provide your customers is an important message to share with staff. It’s equally important to support them when they are struggling and celebrate their successes – no matter how small.

4. Remember past challenges and your power to overcome them

Neurologists say you can widen your “resilience zone” by thinking about past challenges, the way you overcame them and the pride you felt after achieving success. These memories will help to strengthen your self-belief which leads to enhanced resilience.

5. Spirituality can help you accept things you can’t control

Spirituality comes in many forms and extends beyond religious beliefs. It assists with building resilience because it encourages people to understand they can’t control everything. With that acceptance comes the opportunity to positively respond to situations like pandemics, economic downturns etc.

6. Asking for support also demonstrates resilience

We all go through tough times and wonderfully happy times. With COVID lockdowns, it means we are all going through one enormously tough time together. But the way we handle it as individuals, families and businesses will vary. The important thing is to acknowledge if you are struggling and reach out for help.

As a business owner or manager, you also have responsibility for the welfare of your staff but you aren’t alone. There are many different ways you can support your people and yourself. The team at End2end Business Solutions are here to guide you and provide practical options. For assistance, get in touch by calling 02 8977 4002.