It’s started – Staff are looking for better. What does it mean for your business?

Go to any business or networking event and the issue of filling staff vacancies is a hot topic. Adding to this pressure is the “mass staffing exodus” which began during the Northern Hemisphere summer and has now arrived in Australia.

Every new year there’s significant staff movement as people use the summer break to re-evaluate their career options and satisfaction levels. But now employers are dealing with post-pandemic discontent and significant talent shortages.

Why are staff jumping ship?

We’re seeing 5 key reasons motivating staff to change jobs.

Key Reason #1

Wages have been stuck for years and many staff took pay cuts and/or worked fewer hours during COVID. Now they want to recoup these losses to rebuild their financial security. In some industries employers are attracting new staff by offering significantly higher wages. This leaves your business vulnerable to losing your best performing, most qualified and experienced staff.

Key Reason #2

With job uncertainty and forced business closures over the past 2 years, some employees have used this time to upskill or re-educate themselves and are now looking for new opportunities and career advancement. If you have staff who fall into this category, you need to utilise their new skills or you’ll lose them.

Key Reason #3

Managing remote staff has been challenging for many managers and employers. When done badly, it can cause staff to feel under-appreciated, micro-managed or burnt-out from the pressures of frequent virtual meetings and blurred work/home balance. This can be a driving force for staff to look for an employer who makes them feel appreciated. Could some of your staff be feeling this way?

Key Reason #4

Remote working has been embraced by some staff and hated by others. The hybrid working model seems to be popular but it’s not working for everyone. For employers, you can’t please everyone in your organisation and so there could be some staff moving to employers who provide their preferred work environment.

Key Reason #5

Let’s not forget pent up demand. It’s natural for organisations to lose staff members but since COVID hit, the uncertainty and stress has created very little job movement. Now there’s 2 years of pent up demand for a new position.

As an employer, what can you do to mitigate the risk and impacts of the mass staffing exodus?

At End2end Business Solutions, we believe business leaders need to take a step back to ask themselves some tough questions and be ready to hear some brutally honest answers. The reality is, real talent will only come with a good offering and that offering needs to include good pay, conditions and culture.

In particular, you need to focus on the following 7 questions:

  1. What is your employee value proposition? In other words, why would a great candidate or employee want to work in your organisation?
  2. How is your management team performing? Do you have the right people in each position or are their behaviours triggering your own staff exodus?
  3. Are you paying the new market rates? If not, what do you do?
  4. Do your organisation’s leaders turn a “blind eye” to poor performance, discrimination, bullying, harassment, disrespect or other issues. Do they have “favourites” who can do no wrong or seem to get special treatment?
  5. Do you have an inclusive organisational culture? In other words, a culture that values collaboration, new ideas and provides purpose so staff feel they are making an important contribution.
  6. Do you require customers to treat your staff with respect and courtesy? Or are staff left to fend for themselves or worse, are staff encouraged to ignore insults because the sale is more important than their mental health?
  7. Is your new staff induction process robust and well-organised to ensure a smooth transition once you find your star recruit?

The team at End2end Business Solutions partner with business leaders to answer these challenging questions and find practical solutions where there are gaps. They also deliver experienced human resource planning in a cost effective manner. It always begins with a confidential chat. To start the conversation, call 02 8977 4002.