5 Tips to avoid an HR Hangover in your business

For HR consultants like the End2end team, January is our busiest month of the year. That’s because things can go horribly wrong at the staff Christmas party and the repercussions can last well into the following year.

This year, we’re anticipating a lot of heavy partying by our clients’ staff as a reaction to the constraint of the pandemic years. To help you avoid an HR hangover in January, here are our Top 5 Tips to help you get through the Christmas party season without any incidents.

Tip #1:  You aren’t there to party. The celebration is for your staff!

During the staff Christmas party, it’s your job to keep everyone safe and well-behaved so lead by example. Stay sober and alert to what’s going on around you.

Tip #2:  Tell your staff, “This is NOT an excuse for a free booze-up!”

In the lead-up to your staff Christmas party, make it clear to all staff that they need to abide by all workplace conduct rules, even when they are attending a work social function. Then spell out what that means. For example:

  • ZERO tolerance for inappropriate behaviour such as discrimination, bullying or harassment
  • Your organisation’s policy on responsible alcohol consumption and the repercussions of drinking to excess – including if they plan to drive home
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional social media posts are unacceptable

Tip #3:  How current are your workplace policies?

Check your current staff policy documents to ensure they include your organisational expectations on alcohol and recreational drugs, social media, sexual harassment and bullying. If they are old or incomplete, quickly get in touch with End2End Business Solutions so we can put them in place for you before the end-of-year madness.

Tip #4:  Dotting your “I”s and crossing your “T”s

Give every member of staff a copy of your workplace policies a couple of weeks before the staff Christmas party, even if you are confident they have seen them before. Then, ensure all staff confirm (in writing) that they have read and understood the polices and make this process a condition for attending the Christmas party. Also include information on who to talk to if staff have questions.

Tip #5:  Be the last to leave

As the business owner or manager, you have a duty of care that extends to your workplace Christmas party. That means, you and your management team MUST stay until the last employee leaves.

If you have concerns about how a staff member will get home or their capacity to drive, take them home yourself or arrange a taxi or Uber for them. Stay with them until the driver arrives to ensure their safety. This is why it’s a good idea to contain the duration of the staff Christmas party. Otherwise, it could be a very long night for you.

We prefer prevention but we’re always here to help

As an organisation, End2end Business Solutions always prefers our clients are informed and prepared so they can mitigate the chance of an HR hangover. But if you have a staff issue, we are here to help. Simply call 02 8977 4002