The dreaded workplace Kris Kringle!

We understand holding a Kris Kringle can be part of the culture of your organisation. But may we suggest it could be a relic from a past era?

We suggest surveying staff to evaluate their enthusiasm for a Kris Kringle this year. If the results reveal it’s important to them, you need to lay solid ground rules to ensure it is happy and uneventful.


  • Be clear with staff that gifts should NEVER humiliate, sexualise or intimidate the recipient because it’s NOT funny to make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Be mindful that some staff may be experiencing cost of living stress. Set a moderate dollar limit that should be affordable for all.
  • NEVER ask staff to kiss, cuddle or sit on Santa’s knee because it may make some staff feel uncomfortable.
  • Beware the good-bye kiss for the same reason.
  • And remember, these rules apply to both male and female staff members!

But you don’t need to eliminate the fun. Here are some alternatives:

  • Ask staff if they would like to pool their usual Kris Kringle spend to donate to a charity the whole business (or department) would like to support.
  • Instead of asking staff to spend their own money on a Kris Kringle gift, show your appreciation for their efforts throughout the year by giving each staff member a gift. These could take the form of:
    • Gift cards for department stores, shopping centres and supermarkets
    • Movie vouchers to provide entertainment while staff are on leave
    • Hampers as long as they show respect for any food intolerances

It’s all about balance

Organisational culture is extremely important and shouldn’t be taken for granted but societal norms evolve. So if holding the traditional workplace Kris Kringle is important to your staff, ensure you have clear policies in place and contact us if you would like assistance.