How do you provide a flexible workplace when working from home isn’t an option?

When recruiting for our clients, one of the first questions all interviewees ask is, “What flexibility do they offer?”

Flexible working has been desirable for many years but now it’s at the top of everyone’s list. In fact, we believe it’s here to stay!

If you don’t offer it, you’ll struggle to attract good people and retain your best staff. But it’s not as easy as offering working from home options. The reality is, some industries or roles can’t be performed from home.

So what do you do?

Workplace flexibility is more than working from home

The first thing you need to understand is workplace flexibility is more than providing the option to work from home.

You need to examine your workflows and tailor your flexibility offering accordingly. It could mean you offer different types of flexible working by department or by role. At the end of the day, if it makes your business look like a highly desirable place to work, you’ll keep your good people and attract high calibre candidates to new roles.

To begin, you need to explore what you can offer as a business. For example:

  • Could you offer your production staff an RDO once a month if they work slightly longer days?
  • Could you close the business early on Friday afternoons if staff have achieved their weekly KPIs?
  • Some building companies ask their trades to work longer days Monday – Thursday and provide every Friday off.
  • Could flexible start and finish times help your staff manage the school run and the after school activities. While it’s common to offer this to female staff, it’s also attractive to many male employees.

Attracting and retaining the best staff is a moving target

We have been in the HR Consulting field for many years and over that time employee issues have continue to evolve and change. That’s why we provide on-going HR outsourcing services tailored to the needs of each client.

Our service offering includes recruitment, performance management and compensation guidance.

If you have staff, you probably have people management problems. We are here to help and it begins with a call so get in touch with End2end Business Solutions on 02 8977 4002.