How To Manage The Back To Work Blues

For most of us, the summer holiday period is over for another year and it’s time to get back to work. But there can be a reluctance to get serious about business – especially on those super hot days when everything seems harder or those gorgeous, balmy days that beckon us outside. These feelings can … Read more

The Last Word On Workplace Bullying

Like many victims of abuse, your staff will probably be reluctant to report any episodes of bullying behaviour. One of their biggest concerns will be that they won’t be believed or their career prospects will be damaged if they report a workplace bully.  This situation is made worse in smaller organisations where there are very … Read more

Are You Guilty Of Making An Ill-Informed Diagnosis?

One of the unfortunate consequences of becoming more aware of mental health issues is our willingness to label people inappropriately. For example: – The person who is careful about their work and likes to check it thoroughly is labelled Compulsive – The person who quickly tires of an in-depth discussion are branded ADHD – The … Read more

Tips And Tactics To Handle Workplace Bullying

Bullying behaviour can be directed at a single person within an organisation or a number of workers at the same time. It generates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation which will lead to lost productivity, reduced self-confidence and health issues for the victim/s of the bullying. As a business owner or manager, it’s important you … Read more

How Do You Recognise A Troubled Staff Member?

While attitudes towards discussing mental health issues are changing, a survey of 3,500 employees found less than half (47%) would discuss their mental health issues with their manager. With depression, anxiety and substance abuse so common amongst Australian workers, it means line managers are potentially managing difficult issues without any prior knowledge of a worker’s … Read more

Bullying And Mental Health Are Intertwined

Workplace bullies tend to be smart and very conscious of their actions. It’s rare to have witnesses or a paper trail so it can be difficult to prove that bullying behaviour has occurred. But the consequences for the victim can be substantial and, as an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure the … Read more

Could Candidate Discrimination Be Lurking In Your Recruitment Processes?

Visit your local supermarket and you will quickly identify the diversity of their workforce. Age, culture, religion and gender – there doesn’t seem to be any bias or discrimination. That’s what makes the 2014 case against Woolworths Supermarkets so important. They were found to be in breach of Queensland’s anti-discrimination laws. At the time, Woolies … Read more

10 Steps To Recruiting The Best Candidate For Your Business

The reality is, recruiting new staff is a highly personal process. Not only does the successful candidate need to have a particular skill set (or the ability to quickly acquire certain skills). You also need a new employee to fit the culture and interpersonal dynamics of your team or workplace. But this leaves employers potentially … Read more

A Step-By-Step Guide To Managing A Resignation

In HR, everything has a process so here’s our guide on what to do when you hear the words “I Quit”? Cooling Off Period Sometimes things are said in the heat of the moment and the words “I quit” are often uttered at these times. However, as an employer, you have an obligation to determine … Read more

Celebration or Mourning? How Will You Feel When You Hear, “I Quit”?

Depending on the employee and their performance, hearing them say “I quit” could fill you with joy or plunge you into deep despair. But as difficult as it might be, you need to pause for just a moment to investigate the employee’s reason for resigning. Why? So you can gain important insights that could greatly … Read more