Are You Guilty Of Making An Ill-Informed Diagnosis?

One of the unfortunate consequences of becoming more aware of mental health issues is our willingness to label people inappropriately. For example:

– The person who is careful about their work and likes to check it thoroughly is labelled Compulsive

– The person who quickly tires of an in-depth discussion are branded ADHD

– The quiet introvert who has difficulty talking to colleagues is called “on-the-spectrum”

Apart from being inappropriate, using psychological labels is insulting, hurtful and harmful to the mental health of the targeted staff member. Care also needs to be taken as these labels can cloud the true potential and talents of these team members.

It Takes A Team Of Many Talents To Create A Successful Business

Workplace culture doesn’t mean it’s filled with homogeneous people. Sure you want every member of the team to work well together. But you also need people with different strengths and skillsets to succeed.

If you have detailed tasks to do, you need someone who is prepared to check the work. If that person is fearful of making a mistake, you can coach them about the difference between accuracy and perfectionism.

At long meetings where discussions seem to drag on without any solid outcome, you need to have attendees who will keep discussions to a minimum so decisions can be made.

Your introvert could be the quiet achiever your business has been looking for and besides, extraverts need someone to listen to their conversations!

Don’t Let Your Biases Cloud Performance Decisions

We all come to work with our own ideas and expectations of how things should be done. But we need workplaces where people are not judged because they take a different approach. 

If there’s a performance issue, it needs training, coaching and support. But if it’s simply a matter of personal bias, you need to change your perceptions.

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